Account Management

The company’s account management team has been in the heart of the development of the company from its inception. Strategically evolved has become the link between the customers and the company’s support services. Highly qualified personnel with an on-going and continuous training provide solutions, backed up with a custom made advanced CRM system that coordinates daily activities for efficiency and reliability. A single point of reference, that speeds up the interactions between the customers and the company’s services.


The security procedures applied, are continuously evolved, to ensure that customers enjoy the very highest standards in security and compliance throughout the operations, thus minimizing the supply chain interruptions. Expertise from various international sources is involved in developing the required security procedures for all the stages of the supply chain.

Accounting and Financial

Advanced methods and procedures are applied to ensure the accuracy in the accounting transactions internally and with the customers. The experienced and highly qualified personnel are backed up with an up to date ERP systemhttp://, which is directly interlinked with the company’s various back-office systems thus creating accurate uninterrupted information and transactions flow.


The HR department is actively involved in hiring and developing personnel to meet the company’s high standards of excellence. HR’s task to support an array of departments that require personnel with specific skills and knowledge is a continuous process. Backed-up by a custom made HR system the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR department is achieved.

IT Support

The well-developed IT department is in the heart of the company’s operations. Various systems of all forms are deployed to support the operations. Operations within the company are carried out on a 24/7 basis therefore the IT department ensures that all the operations are carried out uninterrupted. Various back-up and redundancy solutions are deployed to ensure the continuous working order of the systems.

Quality Enhancement

The company’s existence and growth is based on its service quality, reliability and operational excellence. Quality programs are utilised to improve the company’s systems and processes and therefore improve the service offered to customers. A dedicated team runs the quality systems on a continuous basis to ensure that improvements are applied effectively and on time.


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