Wine, liquor, beer and other drinks are of high value and of sensitive nature. Industry specific logistics solutions are required to address these attributes.

The Cyprus Beverage Environment

Cyprus is an island, and as a result the continental short trucking transit times are not achievable since sea carriers’ services are used resulting in increased transit times
  • It is a favored seasonal destination for more than two million tourists, three times the local population, which creates beverage demand variations stretching to as much as 3:1 in monthly comparisons in specific areas
  • 98% of the businesses in Cyprus are small and medium size enterprises. This fact is also reflected in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector at the POS (Point-Of-Sale) side. Both on-trade and off-trade sectors are highly populous. As a result, the supply chain has more orders of smaller quantities to many POSs thus adding to the logistics costs
  • Infrastructure at the POSs is poor in terms of receiving facilities. This extends the time spent at the POS therefore reflected in the logistics cost
  • Retail Stores and HORECA points have insufficient storage space. This results to more frequent deliveries
  • Electronic ordering and invoicing is not yet developed in Cyprus. This increases the overall administration cost to both suppliers and retailers

GAP being the largest logistics organization in Cyprus will continue to develop new logistics services through modern and innovative techniques to provide to its customers the opportunity to decrease their overall costs, improve their stock management, enhance their distribution network and improve their bottom line.


GAP Logistics for the Beverage Sector

The Beverage sector is a demanding logistics operation due to seasonality and heavy loads. GAP has developed solutions to support this sector from the point of manufacturing to the final point of sale. GAP can handle time-sensitive shipments during specific periods e.g. Beaujolais Nouveau or for limited-time promotions.

Services Offered:

  International Multimodal Transport
  Flexi bag provision
  ISO tank service
 Customs Clearance
 AAD processing
 Cross docking
 Put away
  Storage at required temperature
 Storage at required dark space
 Inventory Control
 Electronic POS – DC order platforml
  Order Picking down to bottle level
  Distribution Routing
  Distribution Throughout Cyprus
  Payments collection
  Returns of Sellable Goods
  Returns of Damaged Goods
  Returns of Expired Goods
  Disposal of Damaged Returns
  Tracking and tracing



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