Consumer Electronics is the continuously rising industry and as such it is very fast moving when it comes to supply chain issues. It is a complex mixture of rigid global supply chains of the multinational brands and the local logistics elements in each geographical area.
The required fast replenishment from overseas suppliers, the high value of the goods, the fragility and the high desirability of some codes, apply tremendous pressure forces on the logistics providers.

Cyprus Consumer Electronics Environment

Cyprus differs from the major European markets:
  • Cyprus is an island and as a result the only available mode of shipping is the air freight option
  • ‚Äč98% of the businesses in Cyprus are small and medium size enterprises. This fact is also reflected in the consumer electronics sector at the POS side. The supply chain has more orders of smaller quantities to many POSs thus adding to the logistic costs


GAP being the largest logistics organization in Cyprus will continue to develop new logistics services through modern and innovative techniques to provide to its customers the opportunity to decrease their overall costs, improve their stock management, enhance their distribution network and improve their bottom line.


GAP Logistics for Consumer Electronics

The capabilities of GAP in handling and distribution of consumer electronics is unparalleled mainly due to its fast distribution capabilities. GAP handles more pieces than any distributor or organized retailer, on a daily basis. Specialised procedures ensure efficient and effective warehousing and distribution to the industry’s highest standards. Our setup is specialized in the warehousing and distribution of high value goods including top end security procedures and IT systems that monitor every step of the process.

Services Offered:

 Customs Clearance
  Cross docking
 Put away
 Inventory Control
 Order Picking
  Security Tagging
  Price application
  Distribution Routing
  Distribution Throughout Cyprus
  Payments collection
  Returns of Damaged Goods
  Transfers of items to be serviced
  Transfers from POS to POS



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