Domestic Appliances are one of the most demanding sectors when it comes to local warehousing and distribution logistics due to fact that they are totally dependent on the rigid global supply chains of the multinational suppliers.
The difficulty in frequent replenishment from overseas (if such option exists), the high value of the goods, the fragility, and the awkwardness of the packages (compared to other main stream retail sectors) comprise a big challenge for 3rd Party Logistics Operators.

The Cyprus Domestic Appliances Environment

Cyprus differs from the major European markets:
  • Cyprus is an island and as a result the continental short trucking transit times are not achievable and sea carriers’ services are always intervening along with their additional risk elements

  • 98% of the businesses in Cyprus are small and medium size enterprises. This fact is also reflected in the domestic appliances sector at the POS (Point Of Sale) side. As a result, the supply chain has more frequent orders of smaller quantities to many POSs (Points of Sale) thus adding to the logistics costs

  • Infrastructure at the POSs is poor to non-existing in terms of receiving facilities. This extends the time spend at the POS therefore reflected in the logistics cost 


GAP being the largest logistics organization in Cyprus will continue to develop new logistics services through modern and innovative techniques to provide to its customers the opportunity to decrease their overall costs, improve their stock management, enhance their distribution network and improve their bottom line.


GAP Logistics for Domestic Appliances

GAP is the leader in handling and distributing white and brown goods as it handles the majority of the market. Specialized procedures ensure efficient and effective warehousing and distribution to the industry’s highest standards.

Services Offered:

  International Multimodal Transport
  Customs Clearance
  Cross docking
  Put away
  Inventory Control
  Electronic POS – DC order platform
  Distribution Routing
  Distribution Throughout Cyprus
  Payments collection
  Unpacking at POS
  Placement in show area
  Returns of Damaged Goods
  Disposal of Damaged Returns
  Transfers of items to be serviced
  Transfers from POS to POS
  Environmentally correct disposal of packing material
  Per SKU logistics charging



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