E-commerce is rapidly developing across the Globe. Companies engaged in this sector are faced with fast changing circumstances in terms of sourcing, processing, fulfillment, delivering and replenishment.                                       

The Cyprus B2C Industry Environment

  • Cyprus is relatively new to the B2C networks compared to other international markets

  • The size of the country and the proximity of sourcing have delayed the spread of B2C

  • The younger generation is accelerating this process. Sooner than later the industry will be developed to a high level


GAP being the largest logistics organization in Cyprus will continue to develop new logistics services through modern and innovative techniques to provide to its customers the opportunity to decrease their overall costs, improve their stock management, enhance their distribution network and improve their bottom line.


GAP Logistics for the B2C Industry

GAP is serving the e-commerce and catalogue based B2C channels through its extensive logistics operations.

Services Offered:

  International Multimodal Transport
  Customs Clearance
 Put away
 Inventory Control
 Order Picking
 Security Tagging
  Distribution Routing
  Delivery windows options
  Distribution Throughout Cyprus
  SMS communication with final receivers
  Call centre service
  Payments collection
  Returns of Damaged Goods
 Systems interface
 Online visibility



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