• Reduce your annual logistics costs
Not relying on human aspect thus achieving a minimum stock keeping quantity at any given moment. This will safe a substantial amount in the finance aspect of a company, given the fact that at any given moment the Purchasing and Sales department will have a clear picture of the stock variables in order to plan correctly their next movement. The purchasing department will be able to place new imports order quantities in more precise manner by having the correct stock at the right time. The sales department will be able to focus sales of the true stock availability and of the stocks that are near their BSD in order to ensure minimum losses.
  • Eliminate your administration costs of managing fleet, human capital & premises

  • Eliminate your logistics management administration costs of peak periods

  • Better control of actual stock availability and stock needs, at any given moment, through a W.M.S. system.

Our warehousing operations are supported by a modern W.M.S. system (Warehouse Management System) that can be adapted to the needs of an individual customer to offer transparency in all aspects and faces of the logistics chain.
  • Exact location of goods in the warehouse

  • Stock movement

  • B.S.D. (Best sell dates)

  • FEFO (First Expire First out)

  • Import history

  • Order processing history

  • Traceability

  • ​Daily reporting of quantity of Stock (Pallets – Boxes – Units)

  • Orders will be picked with the RF method ensuring minimum errors at the delivery end.

  • Your warehouse expenses are converted from fixed costs to variable costs thus the need for capital is much less.

  • Daily Distribution of your products to all major Cities and Suburbs of Cyprus.

  • Cash on Delivery.

  • Get advantage of GAP’s complete solutions in the trading industry through our other services.

  • No thread or any form of competition to prospective customers as the Group has no activities or interests in trading, imports or manufacturing of any commodities or goods.

Security: Keep your goods safe and secure

Our warehouses are covered with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and alarm systems and are fully monitored at all times. We take high priority in ensuring that everything is secured both during working day and closing time. Additionally our warehouses are equipped with industry standard Fire-fighting equipment.


Serving all Industries

GAP operates Daily distribution to Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Kiosks, Resellers, Hotels, Restaurants, Gas stations and other Retail Locations in all 850 postal codes throughout Cyprus.

Our 30 years of experience in the Logistics Industry

Through many years of experience in this nature of business, G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group has the know-how and expertise to handle Third Party Logistics Services. GAP operates the largest owned distribution network in Cyprus serving customers from various industries providing custom made solutions for suppliers and buyers in all trade channels.

Our Large Distribution Fleet and Warehousing Facilities

  • Our fleet consists of more than 200 trucks and vans of various sizes accommodating specific needs of our customers

  • All trucks are equipped with tail lift to facilitate unloading Pallet Trucks, Push Carts and Roll Cages available for efficient handling

  • Part of our truck fleet is equipped with side curtains assisting side loading and unloading

  • All vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking Systems for safety and security

  • GPS Navigators are utilised for optimizing routing

  • Well maintained for safety and optimal performance

  • We operate with a warehousing space of over 20.000 sq. meters


IT, BackOffice and Support

Supported with latest IT Systems including Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our warehousing operations are supported by a modern W.M.S. system (Warehouse Management System) that can be adapted to the needs of an individual customer to offer transparency in all aspects and faces of the logistics chain.


GAP applies on the quality Management System in line with the Standard of EN ISO 9001 for Logistics for which we are accredited. Logistics services have been officially qualified with the ISO 9001:2008 for Logistics, ISO 22000:2005 for Transport and Distribution of dry food and drinks and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Pick up and/or Receipt, Transport/ Express Transport, Dry Storing and Distribution of goods.

Dedicated and Qualified personnel

A team of dedicated, experience and skillful staff, from Head of the department, to all the team members of worker’s force and administration that can undertake the tasks of warehousing logistics issues with the most professional approach.
We have a strong customer-focused mentality and we are fully committed to serving you with trust, respect and the highest ethical standards.
  • Customer Service: Our well trained and attentive sales force customer service personnel will help you do business with ease.

  • Our Drivers: Our drivers are fully qualified with professional driving license, extended experience, and security credentials. They are always polite and professional to meet all the customers’ expectations.

  • Our Dispatchers and Supervisors: Experts in optimizing routes and ensuring that customers are highly benefited from these optimised routes.


One-stop shop

GAP Express Logistics and GAP Warehousing Logistics are part of a financially secured group of companies. G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group is a well-known company serving the commercial community by providing many related services under one roof – ‘one-stop shop’. By using GAP Express Logistics or GAP Warehousing Logistics you can also choose to use other interrelated services provided by the Group for your own convenience and ease.
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